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CBD Hemp Oil

At The Tonic, we sell the purest Cannabis Oil products available. Our customers are our number one priority and we make ethical considerations ensuring that we meet their needs through our premium quality, European grown and carefully processed CBD oils.

We are part of a wellbeing revolution that is happening right now as the world returns to nature for nurture – join the Tonic tribe today.

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Here at The Tonic, we’re not interested in half measures or cutting corners when it comes to our CBD oil. We put the customer first, sourcing our CBD hemp oil from the finest Dutch growers who take an organic approach and insist on purity, safety and quality – all qualities that we ourselves are passionate about.

CBD Oil Strength Explained

We’re all individual and we’re all unique, and just like diluting cordial, what’s too weak for you may be too strong for us. That’s why we offer our CBD oil in a simple selection of strengths, so you don’t have to baffle yourself with a long list of options. If this is your first time using CBD oil, we recommend that you start slow and with a low dosage – a single drop, pump or spray one or two times a day should be enough, then you can build up your CBD oil usage when you feel comfortable.

The FSA advise a maximum daily dose of 70mg for a healthy adult.

Tonic CBD Oil Strengths

Our CBD hemp oil products are available in 10ml or 20ml bottles, and the CBD content is measured in mg from a low strength of 200mg all the way to a high CBD strength of 2500mg. To keep it extra simple for you, The Tonic CBD is labelled as a percentage – the higher the CBD oil percentage, the higher the concentration and strength of the CBD oil.

4% is the equivalent of 400mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle, 8% is the equivalent of 800mg of CBD oil in a 10ml bottle and so on. The 20ml bottles contain twice the mg of CBD oil so that the concentration of each drop remains the same across both the 10ml and 20ml bottles, and is not diluted. So for example, our 20ml 8% contains 1600mg CBD oil per bottle, but still 12mg CBD oil per drop.

How To Take Tonic CBD Oil

Make sure that you drink plenty of water when taking our CBD oil products. It’s important that you stay hydrated as your body will want to detoxify, and sometimes this can cause headaches if you aren’t drinking enough fluids. Drinking plenty of water helps to move this process along quicker. We also recommend that if you’re taking CBD oil alongside other medication that you leave a 2 hour break either side of your medication.

For any blood thinners, beta blockers, statins, blood pressure medication, or any medication that is marked as grapefruit contraindicated, leave a 4 hour gap to allow the liver to process them separately. Avoid using any grapefruit products, or derivatives of, when taking CBD oil, as grapefruit can inhibit the effects of CBD.

Learn more about CBD oil here at The Tonic, such as how to take CBD oil correctly , what the difference is between oil and water soluble CBD , and more about The Tonic ourselves! If you have any further questions, we’ll be happy to help – simply contact us for more information.

Shop Our Collection of CBD Hemp Oil at The Tonic Tribe – Suppliers of CBD Oil UK. We Offer 10% Discount On Your First Order.

Tonic cbd

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