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Easily to use website with secure transaction. Delivery normally within 2 weekdays but that also depends on courier and outside factors. The product is amazing. Helps keep my pancreatic girl well with their Entourage Aqua product.

Their Customer service is outstanding and they help support a charity.

Absolutely the very best product/service

Absolutely the very best service and product. CBD oils are a tricky thing to get usage right with, but the products are well priced, the support is generous and the result is great. I wont go anywhere else for my family. Don’t have to.

Perfect customer service – Excellent products

Perfect customer service. Very speedy delivery.
Just brilliant

I do not understand the bad reviews on…

I do not understand the bad reviews on here they must be made up . I have been using this company on and off for a year or so and ALWAYS found Brian extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I wanted to know more about CBD oil for my dog and Brian kindly emailed me a whole book on it so I could read how it works. I’ve never had a problem with “leaking bottles” they are always packaged up so well. The oil is great quality so absolutely no faults at all. Ppl just take pleasure from trolling small business , Brian is only trying to make a living like all of us are and provides a great service. 5 star ⭐️

Excellent product

Excellent product, efficient ordering & delivery

Excellent products and service.

We have been ordering from Simply CBD for a couple of years now. Wonderful products, the service is always excellent and the delivery is very prompt. We use the products and so does our dog.

Excellent service.

Very very happy

Very happy! No complaints

This is excellent for my anxiety

This is excellent for my anxiety. This past year had been absolutely rubbish with this pandemic. And working in the nhs and seeing pts with covid my anxiety was through the roof. But then I started taking your CBD oil and it’s helped me loads. In fact a few of my colleagues are taking it too.
So thank you from all of us!

Always excellent service

Always excellent service, great prices and brilliant product. We all use it for a variety of complaints and can’t fault it in any way. Thank you Simply for your products and your support

I have been purchasing CBD from you for…

I have been purchasing CBD from you for over 2 years. Very helpful staff who gave me lots of advice. Very prompt delivery too.

Absolutely fantastic company

Absolutely fantastic company, fantastic products at a really fair price, super fast delivery, and you feel like they actually care about you, your not just a number to them. I really do recommend this company to everyone who may need cbd products.

Changed my life completely

Told about this company by a lady suffering from cancer. I gave Aqua a try and ive never looked back. My lower back pain reduced so much I rarely take painkillers now. But the biggest result is that my OCD is finally under control and my anxiety is virtually gone. This company really care about their customers & Brian couldn’t be more helpful. Id recommend them 1000%.

Brilliant genuine company who i have…

Brilliant genuine company who i have been using for years. My dog has epilepsy and was having seizures every week and after trying everything to reduce them nothing worked. I thought I was going to lose him until I came across these guys who recommended starting him on cbd green light. Since that day I have never looked back, he didn’t have another seizures for 7 months and that was just a small one. It’s been 1 year now 🤞
So yes I highly recommend this company they are brilliant plus they help other dogs 🐕 x

Wouldn’t buy from anywhere else.

I have purchased a few times now and never had any problems at all. The price is good and the delivery is really quick.

Tried the gold oil as a starting point…

Tried the gold oil as a starting point for my husband and retriever, the oil has reduced the inflammation in our dogs swelling but was not working for my husband so we have ordered the green oil to try. Excellent service and advice brilliant company.

I am so greatful we found this company

I am so greatful we found this company! Because simply CBD provide full spectrum CBD oil and publish their lab results, I was able
,under the supervision and assistance of my neurologist, to medicate without an NHS prescription and now after 16 years I am seizure free! Simply CBD oil got me into remission and gave me another shot at life! I cannot recommend this company enough ! Thankyou simply CBD!

Unethical behaviour and out of date lab certificate

I agree with the reviewer before. This company creates groups on social media pretending they are general CBD groups for UK. Instead they heavily promote their products and delete and ban everyone who dares to recommend any other brand. They also bashing competitors products saying they are not laboratory tested. Whereas their own 3-r party certificate is well out of date now. I don’t know if their product is genuine or not but they are certainly not an ethical company. Their marketing tactics are far from it.

Excellent products

Excellent products, used for coming up to a year and noticed the difference. Its sad to read some reviews as the facebook group helped a lot .. but when you post you get spammed by third party or spam sellers via messenger trying to sell and ruin Simply CBD. I feel this is the same on here.

This guy claims on his website cheapest…

This man claims on his website his imported Dutch inorganic CBD is the cheapest in the UK it is not by far. He also claims 100% of his profit is going to build a dog’s home that’s not true. He claims the CBD he knocks out is full spectrum! It’s not and he uses a two year old lab report which he refers people to, to back up his claim. He’s now offering a buy two get one free on his overpriced imported CBD!

Dear Jason, many thanks for your trolling review. All our oils are full spectrum and all the lab results are available on the website and up todate. We are offering a free full spectrum lab tested oil not as a marketing gimmick but because we want people to pass on the oil to other people who may need it. I see that you regularly trawl the internet trolling cbd companies especially since you were caught out as a fraudster so I thing sour grapes maybe in order here. As I say, all our oils are certified full spectrum, the free oil is for people to gift to others and all our profit does go to charity. Not quite sure why you have singled out us to go after next in your campaign of hatred and anger but hey, we all have our cross to bear.

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