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SAUC Vapor

SAUC Device (Starter Kit)

The first and only lead-free, leak, clog & tamper proof vapor and cannabinoid delivery system that produces smooth and consistent vapor. Nobody could get the basics right, so we made our own.

Fill it yourself at home using any vapable oil/liquid or buy one of our pre-filled pods. Empty fillable pods are 1ml capacity (with .5ml fill lines) available in 2-packs to start.

Our first pre-filled option contains one gram (1g) of broad spectrum, distilled Cannabidiol (CBD) extract with terpenes. See lab results for extract details etc.

No added fillers or cutting agents. This product contains no THC.

Starter kit:

1x Charger (usb-c)

Pods sold separately. See product page for more details*

Lead-free, heavy metal free vape pen. An innovative portable vapor delivery system with no fillers or cutting agents. The Cartridge Killer. Engineered and designed in-house for safer consumption via inhalation. Pioneering the clean vape movement