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Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture Review

In the world of CBD products, CBD Oil Tincture’s are one of the most popular. There are a wide range of products to consider, and each detail should be taken into account so that you are sure to get the best product for you. Why CBD oil is such a viable delivery method is because of its ease-of-use, how effective they are, and there are a few options to choose from. You can learn about those options in the differences between CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum, and Broad Spectrum blog post.

While there are many extraordinary CBD oil tinctures to choose from, the Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture is our favorite. There is a list of reasons why we prefer this brand and product in particular, and today we’ll go over each so that you are just as informed as we are. We’ve put this CBD oil to the test to learn why it has quickly become a customer favorite.

A Brand You Can Stand Behind

Naked 100 is an outstanding brand that stretches beyond just CBD products. In fact, this southern California-based brand giant originates from the vapor products industry, where it launched in 2016. Since exploding onto the market, it became an industry-leading brand, creating several successful nicotine e-liquid flavors. After conquering the vaping market, it took the same strides in the CBD market, utilizing the same great flavors that brought it so much success, yet this time infusing it with high-quality CBD. With great quality, potency, and competitive pricing, Naked 100 is truly a brand you can stand behind.

Delicious Flavors That You’ll Want To Revisit

There are loads of CBD oil flavors available that do not quite cut it when it comes to taste. However, Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture’s have been proven to deliver in the taste department. There are two flavors that exist within the Naked 100 CBD Oil collection: Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Oil and Naked 100 Really Berry Oil. Both flavors have been used and approved by thousands upon thousands of people around the world. Hawaiian POG is a flavor that consists of passion fruit, orange, and guava, all blended into one to create an exciting taste experience. Really Berry, on the other hand, consists of blackberry, blueberry, and lemon flavors that come together to create a delicious berry taste.

Potent Full Spectrum CBD Oil

While deliciously crafted flavors is definitely an enticing part of this product, CBD oil is only as good as its CBD. The Naked 100 team remains confident that they offer the best product, and we could not agree more. Using the product ourselves, we have learned that it is just as potent if not more potent than some of the more high-end brands that are double in cost. Each bottle of Naked 100 CBD Oil is infused with a potent concentration of full spectrum CBD oil and is available in 600mg and 1200mg strengths.

Competitive Pricing You Have To See To Believe

When marketing a product, brands commonly used two different marketing tactics to sell their products. Either they price the product low enough where everyone can afford it but risk consumers thinking “if it’s cheap, it must be garbage”, they price the product too high, which draws attention and makes the consumer think “if it’s expensive, it must be good”, or they meet in the middle and price it based on other similar products, which puts them in line with the enormous amount of other options. And honestly, who wants average, right?

We are especially in favor of the Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture because of what you’re getting for the price. Each bottle of CBD oil comes 60ml in size, compared to the industry standard of 30ml. You’re getting 30ml more of CBD oil! The 600mg bottle is priced at just $37.99, compared to a high-end product like CBDfx Oil that is $74.99 for a 500mg, 30ml bottle. The 1200mg option is $53.99, compared to CBDfx oil that is $124.99 for a 1000mg, 30ml bottle. As you can see, Naked 100 CBD chose to price its product where people can afford it, instead of worrying about the risk of bad first impressions.

Easy Delivery and Fast Effects

Every bottle of Naked 100 CBD Oil uses a dropper cap for easy and convenient delivery. It is as simple as pulling out a full dropper, squirting the oil under your tongue, giving it time to absorb (about 60 seconds), then swallowing the excess oil. Placing the oil under your tongue will allow the CBD to reach your bloodstream much faster. You should feel the calming effects of the full spectrum oil within 15-30 minutes after consuming.

Check Out The Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture From PRYME CBD Today

Choosing the best CBD oil can be the best solution to treat many of your conditions. If you want to reduce or even eliminate symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation and more, we highly encourage you to try the Naked 100 CBD Oil Tincture for yourself. You can find all of these products here at PRYME CBD. For new customers, we have a discount code “NEW15” that will take 15% off your entire order. We also offer Free Shipping on orders $50

If you are considering other CBD products, Naked 100 CBD also makes CBD e-liquid (vape juice). These quality-made, CBD-infused e-liquids come in a variety of flavors to choose from and are priced affordably. If you enjoy vaping and love the flavors that Naked 100 CBD offers, feel free to check out some of these CBD e-liquids by Naked 100 CBD.

In the world of CBD products, CBD Oil Tincture's are one of the most popular. There are a wide range of products to consider, and each detail should be taken into account so that you are sure to get the best product for you. Why CBD oil is such a viable delivery method is because of its ease-of-use, how effective they