hemp oil vs cbd oil for dogs

CBD for Pets Vs Hemp for Pets

CBD Vs Hemp

For some pet owners, relying exclusively on dog food for every nutrient isn’t good enough. Supplementing their diet with additives is a route that’s often taken, especially if the pet suffers from any chronic ailments. Pet owners might turn to CBD or hemp oils to encourage relaxation and pain relief. These substances are closely related, but they aren’t identical. Learn more about CBD oil vs hemp oil so that you can make the right decision for your furry friend.

CBD Oil Derived From Hemp

CBD oil stands for cannabidiol, which is a substance found in cannabis plants. It’s not to be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This compound is well-known as a marijuana intoxicant. CBD oil for dogs is actually derived from the hemp portion of a cannabis plant, which doesn’t have any drug-inducing effects.

There are many strains of hemp plants, however, that differentiate the oil products in the marketplace. Reputable manufacturers test CBD oil for dogs and cats on a regular basis. The hemp plants that they use are typically male species. Female plants produce the buds that create the famous, THC content for marijuana. Pet owners should know that any hemp oil vs CBD oil confusion doesn’t involve any harmful effects on the animals.

Hemp Oil is Seed Based

There’s currently a lot of debate when it comes to hemp oil vs CBD oil. Hemp oil comes from the seeds produced by the cannabis plant. Every plant seed has essential oils that can be beneficial. In some cases, the benefits overlap between hemp and CBD oil. However, current research suggests that hemp oil simply isn’t as effective as its CBD counterpart.

The Difference Between
CBD Industrial Hemp and CBD Whole Plant Cannabis

Here is Mandy’s story.

Rusty would go nuts when I would leave the house for work! I wanted to send you guys a picture of my couch after he ate half of it! After using the CBD product I was finally able to stop his destruction. Hopefully as he gets older this behavior will fade, but for now, the CBD Oil seems to do the trick. I even give it to him before car rides which he absolutely hates. Thank You Prana Pets!

Mindy C- Atlanta Ga

Major Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil for cats and dogs is a promising substance because it offers several, natural features. Anxious pets feel relaxed with CBD oil vs hemp oil. This relaxation contributes to a healthy, cardiovascular system and reduced strain on other bodily organs. Pets with any seizure issues might skip their prescriptions altogether with regular doses of CBD oil. Research shows that the pet’s body reacts differently during a seizure ailment while being treated with CBD oil.

Prana Pets Is the #1 Supplier of CBD for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oil for Pets is a safe, gentle, and nutritive CBD supplement for pets of all ages. 100% Colorado Grown. Money-back guarantee. Full Spectrum Oil which includes Terpenes

Other Powerful Benefits of CBD Oil

Cancer-fighting power is one of the most powerful benefits of CBD oil. It actively fights growing tumors, which can reverse some conditions. For these reasons, purchasing Prana Pets CBD oil is a smart move for any pet owner. This particular brand has certified pharmacists dealing with the mixture, which leads to a high-quality product. Trusting in Prana’s quality and reasonable pricing only improves your pet’s lifestyle.

Here is Matt’s story.

“My 14 year old dog Hailey got bone cancer and we were trying to do everything we could for her. Thought she was going to die late August, but we started to give her your liver support and cancer support meds and it help her a lot. She started eating and going to the bathroom again and acting like her self besides the limping. You guys gave us 3 more good months but we did lose her late November. Thanks again!”

Matt B ,Cleveland
Verified Buyer

CBD for Pets – Smart Move for Any Pet Owner!

Oil Special

CBD for Pets 3 Pack

  • Healthy digestion and appetite
  • Inflammation & pain throughout the body
  • Nausea & other digestive problems
  • Anxiety, nervousness & stress
  • Seizure intensity & frequency
  • Healthy skin & fur growth

The Prana Pets Difference

Prana Pets CBD Oil for pets is compounded by a licensed pharmacist specifically for pet use. Prana Pets CBD Oil is a highly concentrated formula, containing: 350mg of CBD per 30ml bottle or roughly 12.5mg of CBD per milliliter. Prana Pets CBD Oil is third party lab tested for purity and potency What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural compound produced by the Cannabis or hemp plant. CBD possesses amazing healing properties due to its action on the endocannabinoid system, which is present throughout the body in all animals. When the endocannabinoid system is functioning optimally, the body is better able to preserve homeostasis or balance for enhanced health and wellness.

Prana Pets CBD Oil is non-toxic, non-habit forming and non-psychoactive. Prana Pets CBD Oil for pets does not produce a “high” as it does not contain marijuana, THC or any other psychoactive compounds. CBD is not known to interact negatively with any other medications or supplements and is considered safe and beneficial for aging and elderly pets.

Our CBD oil for pets can be used two ways:

1) Short-term: as needed to provide relief of symptoms like joint or muscle pain, anxiety, nausea and digestive distress

2) Long-term: daily regular use to promote systemic balance, stress-reduction and longevity. The anti-inflammatory action of CBD is useful for managing and reducing a wide range of chronic symptoms as well.

Use 2-3 times daily. Drops may be administered directly into the mouth or into food.

  • Cats and dogs under 20 lbs: 5-10 Drops
  • Dogs 20-50 lbs: 10-20 Drops
  • Dogs over 50 lbs: 20-30 Drops

Each bottle of CBD Oil contains 30ml,

CBD and Hemp Oil both have different medicinal benefits. It is important to know the difference so you open gets the right product.