cbd yummy

CBD Yummy

The strain of cannabis CBD Yummy is a genetic contribution from Resin Seeds to the center of the CBD Crew, here presented in its medicinal form because of its substantial content in CBD.

Yummy was developed from a selection of individuals Yumbolt, an Afghan strain grown in Humboldt County in the United States since the late 80s, crossed with a male of G13 Haze marijuana, as vigorous as resinous.

The combination of these two genetic offers a very strong cannabis plant which will grow vigorously with strong branches that appear ideal for Scrog cultivatio or Supercropping type. In One Bud growing, Yummy will produce an impressive central bud, with the condition that the growth time has to be very limited: to prevent plants to take an incompatible size in the indoor growing, CBD Crew recommends several prunings, a bending and Scrog so Yummy will be able to express its full productive potential, being easy to maintain.

During the flowering, its enormous buds will be covered with resin, and it can be harvested after 9 to 10 weeks of bloom, offering a high quality final product, which will be noticed for its organoleptic qualities .

The taste and smell of CBD Yummy evoke fruit salad, acidulous, intense, accompanied by a sweet touch and incensed, the G13 Haze legacy.

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