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Hempacco acquires six hundred vending machines to sell CBD, CBG and Hemp cigarettes including The Real Stuff™ Hemp Smokables

CBD CBG Vending Machines are the future of Hemp sales including hemp cigarettes. They solve the single largest problem in the CBD retail industry: shoplifting…

San Diego, CA, Hempacco announced today the acquisition of six hundred (600) completely automated vending machines to sell CBD, CBG and Hemp products around the country.

Why are vending machines important for the CBD and Hemp industry?

CBD and Hemp consumer products are very expensive and very small. A one ounce oil in a tiny dropper vile can easily run you $50. That means big trouble for retailers of any size. Retailers either have the product behind the counter or they have it locked away in a shelf. We brand owners call this “the shelf of death.”

If you go to a pharmacy or supermarket you might find CBD oil, cream and other products. If you can’t find them, you’re not alone, I always have the hardest time finding them in my local stores here in San Diego. Go ask an employee or the manager. They’ll direct you to as small rack with lock and key or to a place under or behind the counter where consumers can’t see it.

Why would stores hide their CBD and Hemp oil, creams, smokables and other products from consumers?

The answer is simple, theft. If shoplifters pocket these tiny products the store is out $25 to $35 a pop. You see, the CBD products are small, they can be smaller than a pack of gum. Easy to steal, but unlike gum they are very valuable. This is not the first time I encounter this problem. I used to distribute novelties, tools, and other small products to convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies across the country. My products where not $50. My novelties ranged from $2 to $20 max. The store managers and owners would tell me the same thing. People still your product! My solution back then was simple. I owned my own racks, so I place them next to the cash register. This did two things. One, the owner or manager or retail store employee could see the product, and two, anything next to the cash register is prime real estate for manufacturers.

We’ll sell CBD and CBG Hemp Cigarettes in these vending machines, but you could sell any type of CBD product.

This is where CBD Vending machines come in. You can place expensive products inside. It really doesn’t matter if they’re $40 or $500. The machine acts as a lock, as a shoplifting solution for stores. You don’t need an employee to unlock it, and it works 24 hours per day without complaining or getting tired. This is the next in line solution for all retailers, from 7-Eleven $SVNDY, to CVS $CVS, Walgreens $WBA, and many independent retailers. The concept is not new, but the solution is fantastic. Vending machines that hold, dispense, collect money and provide security for all types of products.

The vending machine works like any other, you insert your credit card or debit card, pick the product you want from a display, and pick your order from a screen, and get your product instantly. The product comes in a customizable box that can contain instructions or advertising, providing another merchandising opportunity for Hempacco and its partners.

But wait, there’s more! This CBD Vending machines come with a large flat screen on top that act as a billboard or advertising platform. These screens can advertise or educate the consumer on a diverse portfolio of CBD oils, creams, and Hemp Smokables™ such as The Real Stuff™, Hempacco’s own high-end brand of organic product.

CBD and CBG Vending Machines are the future of CBD and Hemp products. Not only because they are a convenient way to shop, but because they solve the shoplifting and merchandising problem retailers currently have. The machines hold plenty of inventory and can accept credit cards and debit cards, another problem that Hempacco solved. If you would like to get a vending machine in your store, or get your products into the machine, contact us for partnership opportunities. Machines are available for lease and to private label with exclusivity protection. Act now before your territory is sold.

About Hempacco Inc.

Hempacco is a vertically integrated Hemp cigarette manufacturing company in San Diego, California. It owns The Real Stuff™ CBD and CBG Hemp Smokable brand, offers hemp cigarettes as a private label supplier and owns its own CBD & CBG and Hemp vending machines to roll out product around the country.

Besides owning and manufacturing its own name brand, Hempacco also provides private label services for smokable products, and CBD automated retail concepts with vending machines. Hempacco’s mission is to be the most recognized name brand of Hemp Smokable products in the world.

Hemp Cigarettes and CBD Vending Machines for Hempacco after they acquire 600 CBD and Hemp Cigarette vending machines to sell and to place their own hemp smokables. The company has access to another 4,000 vending machines if they need them.