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CBDfx 120mg CBD Vape Additive Product Review

It’s the simple pleasures in life that sometimes feel the best. Fresh ink, a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day, and the feeling of hitting a vaporizer filled with your favorite e-liquid. Ahh! But recently, vaping has gone from a mere pastime to something arguably therapeutic with the introduction of CBD (cannabidiol) vape additives.

If you haven’t heard of CBD, chances are you’ve probably heard of the plant – it comes from cannabis (also known as hemp). Before we go any further, no — vaping CBD does not get you “high” in the way that THC (the active compound in weed) does. That being said, that doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t come with its own laundry list of positive effects, many of which are only recently starting to be understood by the medical community. It doesn’t take much digging online to uncover thousands of people raving about how CBD helped their anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and even worked to stop epileptic seizures.

CBDfx’s 120mg CBD Vape Additive is their mid-strength vape juice that provides a full 120mg of active CBD in each dropper. You can mix this e-liquid into your favorite regular vape juice or use it alone; we chose to mix it.

The dropper comes in an attractive packaging that shows right away that this company pays attention to detail. Much like the premium feeling you get when unboxing your new iPhone, for example, presentation goes a long way to tell you about the manufacturing quality of a product.

Immediately after taking our first few puffs, we were pleasantly surprised by the taste. CBD vape juice is known for having a leafy flavor, but somehow the CBDfx product tastes a little “fresher” or more genuinely plant-like than other brands. This might have to do with the fact that the company prides themselves on 100% organic farming practices.

We didn’t notice any difference in the thickness or consistency of the vapor itself after the CBD dropper was added to the tank. Other than the effects (we’ll get to that in a second), the only hint that the vape additive was mixed in was the mild green tea-like flavor.

As for the effects themselves, well, we’re sold. Just from some initial research online, it seems as though anti-anxiety (or “anxiolytic”) effects are one of the most common reasons why people use CBD. For us, that was one of the most noticeable effects from CBDfx’s 120mg Vape Additive. After taking some generous vape hits from this mixture, several of us reported feeling a calm focus that was definitely noticeable to the point where it would be hard to argue that it was a placebo effect. We also noticed that the more we vaped, the more pronounced the effect was.

That night, I slept like a baby, and only the next day did I personally notice that my left knee (injured in a skating accident 10+ years ago) wasn’t bothering me, as it usually does in cold weather. Coincidence? Possibly, but I know one thing: I’ll be continuing to vape CBD to see if I continue to feel the positive mental (and physical) effects I seemed to have.

Overall, CBDfx obviously cares about the quality of their product on every level (you can even look at individual batch lab reports on their website to check for purity). I absolutely recommend this vape additive for anyone looking to try mixing CBD into their usual vape routine. The company also offers 60mg, 300mg and 500mg options for beginning and advanced CBD users, respectively, but we loved the 120mg’s flavor and effects.

Overall: 5 out of 5

CBDfx – Feel The Difference!

CBDfx is extracted from the highest quality EU sourced hemp plants on the market.

CBDfx 120mg CBD Vape Additive Product Review It’s the simple pleasures in life that sometimes feel the best. Fresh ink, a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day, and the feeling of hitting a