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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with CBD – Garlic

100ml (200mg)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with CBD – Garlic

  • Bottle of 100ml
  • Delicately scented with natural garlic extracts
  • Product of the Andalusian terroir made from 100% organic “Picuda” olives.
  • Ideal for cooking and your salad dressings
  • Cold extraction by mechanical means only
  • Contains 200mg of ultra premium CBD
  • Ultra premium quality tested in an independent laboratory
  • Made from 100% organic hemp
  • Vegan, gluten-free, no colouring, no preservatives
  • Certificate of Analysis for Cannabinoids
  • Fast delivery (1 to 4 days in France, 2 to 6 days abroad)
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ELSE Organic extra virgin olive oil with CBD infused with garlic is a tasty blend of “Picuda” olives from Andalusian organic farming, natural garlic extracts and ultra premium CBD Isolate allowing you to benefit fully from the benefits of these different 100% natural compounds.

The olive oil has been extracted cold only by mechanical processes from a selection of olive varieties that have grown under the Andalusian sun and picked when ripe for a delicate and refined fruity balance. 5.5kg of organic olives are needed to obtain 1 litre of organic extra virgin olive oil.

The ultra premium CBD is made with the utmost care from 100% organic hemp respecting the ecosystems thanks to a supercritical CO2 extraction process that guarantees the preservation of the properties of cannabidiol for ultra premium quality products.

Our garlic infused CBD olive oils are gluten free, fully vegan, and contain no preservatives or colorants.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Naturally contains Omega-9.

Our CBD olive oils infused with garlic will be the gourmet companion of a healthy and balanced life, attentive to well-being, relaxation, recovery, sleep and relaxation.

We recommend using it with your salads, raw and steamed vegetables.

Shake bottle well before use.

We recommend that you add 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil to your culinary compositions once a day.

One tablespoon contains 30mg of ultra premium CBD Isolate.

Store this product away from direct sunlight and high temperatures (>25°C) for long periods of time. Storage in a refrigerator is an effective way to preserve the properties of cannabidiol for a longer period of time. Use the product within 6 months of opening.

This product should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.

Keep out of the reach of children.


The high-tech extraction methods coupled with good manufacturing practices provide superb results of ultra premium CBD quality.

Certified hemp plants from organic farming, GMO, pesticide-free, chemical-free and comply with the ecosystems in which they operate.

* Not detectable by HPLC-UV analytical method (limit of detection at 0.005% on semi-finished products, 0.02% on CBD oils and 0.05% on CBD olive oils). Certificates and analysis available on this page.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many cannabinoids present in hemp. It is the second most studied one after cannabinoid THC. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive (not hovering effect) and is legal in most developed countries.

CBD endocannabinoid system interacts with a network of receivers located throughout the human body, also present in many animal species. Scientific research is thriving in this area. It seems that other receptors are also activated by the CBD, including the serotonin binding sites and vanilloid.

Research beginnings in vitro, on animals and humans have allowed to suggest some very interesting physiological effects.

For more information, please see the article on the CBD on our blog by clicking HERE .

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100ml organic extra virgin olive oil scented with natural garlic extract contains 200mg of organic hemp CBD which adds flavor to your cooking.

Cbd olive oil

Cannabidiol, a chemical found in marijuana, is being used to treat a number of different ailments, from epilepsy to inflammation. Combining CBD with olive oil may improve its effectiveness.

Recent News

CBD has been appear­ing in a wide spec­trum of con­sumer goods recently, from top­i­cal salves to seltzers and soap. Now add olive oil to the list of CBD-infused prod­ucts.

CBD, or cannabid­iol, is a chem­i­cal in mar­i­juana that does not con­tain THC, the psy­choac­tive ingre­di­ent that pro­duces a high. CBD is now com­monly sold in oil, extract or pill form, or as an addi­tive to con­sumer goods.

CBD, like all cannabi­noids, are lipophilic, mean­ing that they love fat. They are most eas­ily and read­ily absorbed when paired with a fat such as olive oil. – Emily Kyle, holis­tic cannabis prac­ti­tioner and reg­is­tered dieti­cian

Though the research on CBD’s effects is still in its infancy, com­pa­nies sell­ing CBD and CBD prod­ucts, nutri­tion­ists and every­day users claim it can be used to soothe ail­ments from anx­i­ety to inflam­ma­tion, and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its use in treat­ing epilepsy.

But what does the research say about CBD and what hap­pens when it is mixed in olive oil?

Emily Kyle, a holis­tic cannabis prac­ti­tioner and reg­is­tered dieti­cian, said the early research on CBD sug­gests it can help with ​ “ anx­i­ety and depres­sion, sleep dis­or­ders, epilepsy and seizure dis­or­ders, pain and inflam­ma­tion. It is believed that CBD can nour­ish the body’s own endo­cannabi­noid sys­tem, which is directly respon­si­ble for main­tain­ing home­osta­sis or bal­ance, in the body.”

Though the amount of CBD and its purity mat­ters in its poten­tial effec­tive­ness, Kyle said con­sum­ing it with a fat, such as olive oil, can help the chem­i­cal work.

“ CBD, like all cannabi­noids, are lipophilic, mean­ing that they love fat,” Kyle said. ​ “ They are most eas­ily and read­ily absorbed when paired with a fat such as olive oil.”

Kyle said it is impor­tant to pair CBD with an over­all healthy diet to ensure the best out­comes, and that ​ “ olive oil is an excel­lent heart-healthy option to pair CBD with.”

Brooke Brun is the co-founded KB Pure Essentials, which sells olive oil and CBD prod­ucts, includ­ing lip balm, deodor­ant, sham­poo, makeup remover, body lotion, tinc­tures and more. KB Pure Essential prod­ucts are made from a blend of CBD and olive oil, in part to improve the taste and aroma of the prod­ucts, but also because of olive oil’s health prop­er­ties.

“ CBD is fat-sol­u­ble, so we chose a fatty oil to blend with the CBD,” Brun said. ​ “ It also helps with the taste. Alcohol or MCT oil sup­ple­ment oils tend to have a really bad taste. High-qual­ity olive oil on its own has many ben­e­fits to the brain and phys­i­cal health so we felt it com­ple­mented the ben­e­fits of the CBD.”

Brun said KB Pure has a trained chemist on staff to ensure the ingre­di­ents in their prod­ucts do not inter­act in a neg­a­tive way. In fact, the process to blend the CBD and olive oil requires atten­tion.

“ The CBD con­cen­trate won’t just sim­ply mix with the olive oil,” Brun said. ​ “ It needs to be heated – but not too hot –and homog­e­nized into the olive oil to make sure you are get­ting a con­sis­tent dose of CBD each time to take it. If you do not do that, the pure con­cen­trate is like sap that will just sink to the bot­tom of the bot­tle of olive oil.”

That said, Kyle added that every­day peo­ple can absolutely com­bine olive oil and CBD at home to cre­ate a mix­ture that works for them.

Brun said KB Pure prod­ucts are com­monly used by seniors and ath­letes to man­age pain, and that she rec­om­mends folks inter­ested in try­ing CBD and olive oil com­bi­na­tions try top­i­cal salves at first.

“ About 80 per­cent of our clients are try­ing to man­age their pain and/or get off opi­oids they have been tak­ing for years,” Brun said. ​ “ Our clients deal­ing with stress man­age­ment or sleep issues typ­i­cally go for the sub­lin­gual oils since there are not really any neu­ro­log­i­cal ben­e­fits from using CBD top­i­cally.”

Keep in mind, as with every­thing that is ingested, that there are risks or at least poten­tial risks. The FDA is still research­ing the long-term effects of CBD, how it affects spe­cial pop­u­la­tion, such as preg­nant women and chil­dren, and its cumu­la­tive effect – if a per­son ingests it, uses it in a salve and takes another prod­uct, the out­come for every per­son is yet to be deter­mined.

And the FDA warns that CBD and CBD prod­ucts are ​ “ being mar­keted with unproven med­ical claims.” In short, though CBD is legal at the fed­eral level, use it at your own risk. And, Brun said, be mind­ful of its effects.

“ It is not a cure, and it does­n’t work for every­one who uses it,” she said. ​ “ But that’s the same for every med­ica­tion and sup­ple­ment out on the mar­ket today.”

Cannabidiol, a chemical found in marijuana, is being used to treat a number of different ailments, from epilepsy to inflammation. Combining CBD with olive oil…