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Illinois Hemp Flowers

Chicago Cannabis Company

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Our cannabinoid-rich (CBD, CBG, CBC) hemp varieties are legal industrial hemp flowers with a THC concentration of not more than 0.3%. Our premium hemp buds are good for herbal medicines, cooking, and other personal uses.

✔️ Illinois Grown
✔️ Certified Organic Land
✔️ Organic cultivation practices
✔️ CBD-dominant flower
✔️ Complete spectrum of cannabinoids
✔️ Less than 0.3% delta-9 THC

Hemp generally has a floral smell and is earthy/botanical in flavor with some citrus or pine undertones. Our varieties are li ghtly trimmed, CBD dominant (14-18%), myrcene dominant, smooth, and terpene-rich.

Similar to ACDC/Cannatonic in terms of expected effects without intoxication.

Users may find it useful to blend their CBD-rich flower with their THC-rich flower. CBD can lessen the psychoactivity of THC, reducing the “high feeling,” while extending the medical benefits of THC. When consumed together, CBD and THC form the “entourage effect” or a synergy that magnifies the effects of both components. Make your cannabis go further by incorporating CBD hemp into your cannabis consumption.

Chicago Cannabis Company specializes in CBD cannabis extracts and cannabinoid infused products. CBD made in Chicago. We thoughtfully craft our selection of cannabis products and source high-quality ingredients. Hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG are non-intoxicating and legal to purchase online.