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‘Unwind without a hangover in sight!’ Low ABV, CBD-infused beer

By Rachel Arthur contact

05-Nov-2019 – Last updated on 05-Nov-2019 at 10:33 GMT

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Hop & Hemp’s 0.5% ABV beers contain 8mg CBD per 330ml serving to ‘take the edge of an evening’, but is free from THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. It also boasts a relatively low calorie count thanks to the lack of alcohol, as well as being vegan-friendly.

An after work pint

The London brewery has not set out to replicate the high of alcohol. Rather, it spots its opportunity as being clearly among consumers who want to unwind – appealing to those who like to drink a beer after work or mid-week, rather than the Saturday night party-goers.

“CBD does not offer a drunk feeling; I would describe it as taking the edge off, much like an after-work pint,”​ James da Silva, Hop & Hemp, told this publication.

“We are not trying to convince the nation to stop drinking alcohol, we still love a beer when the occasion calls for it.

“However, with increasingly busy lives and added responsibilities, losing whole days to hangovers is no longer an option.

“Low alcohol CBD beers give you the opportunity to continue to be the social person you’ve always been, still unwind at the end of a busy day but not have to worry about the negative repercussions of alcohol.”

Gen Z and millennials

According to the British Lifestyles report by Mintel, 20% of adults do not drink, and of those that do drink, 47% have cut down on their consumption.

“Therefore, we see our brews appealing to a range of demographics, including new parents, the health conscious and young professionals,”​ said da Silva.

“However, we see our core target audience as Generation Z and Millennials. They are actively drinking less, but the options available to them are limited to sugary soft drinks, fruit juices or water. They still want to be social and unwind, therefore Hop & Hemp CBD beers offer that added benefit as well as being lower in calories.”

Hop & Hemp Brewing Co recently launched the UK’s first CBD-infused, low ABV craft beer, spotting a chance to appeal to the growing number of consumers turning their backs on alcohol – yet still wanting to enjoy a friendly pint.