cbd fort wayne

Cbd fort wayne

This is not an online store. Please call the location closest to you or message our Facebook page to place orders for delivery.


CBD oil starts at $30 for 500 mg


Topical products for beauty or skin care start at $7

Topical products for pain start at $30

Dog Products

Treats and oil made just for dogs starting at $25

Cat Products

Catnip infused oil made just for cats starting at $22


Gummies starting at $5 for 25 mg, 10$ for 50 mg

Chocolate for $22 for 150 mg of fast acting nanoparticle CBD

Hard candies starting at $5 for 25 mg

CBD Capsules

Capsules start at $34 for 10 mg each for a total of 300 mg

Vapes and Concentrates

Refillable vape pens start at $20

CBD vape juice starts at $35 for a 30 ml bottle with 250 mg of CBD

$10 for a fill up of selected juices. With the purchase of a new refillable vape, the first fill is included

Disposable Cartridges start at $25 for 100 mg

Vape Pen Batteries range from $8 to $15

Concentrate pens start at $30

Concentrates start at $40 for 1 gram


Coffee starts at $12 for two ounce ground with 60 mg

Soda for $7 for 25 mg of CBD

Water for $5 for 7 mg or $7 for 25 mg

Chamomile tea in single servings for $5 for 7 mg

General starting prices for our products