cbd cold brew

I Drank CBD Cold Brew For A Week…Here’s What Happened

I think it’s important to mention that health and wellness are very personal, and everyone has very different experiences. As a long-time coffee lover and anxiety sufferer, my coffee habit has been habitual but frowned upon. When I heard that CBD coffee was becoming a thing, I knew that I needed to try it for myself.

THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you high, CBD on the other hand, doesn’t, but still allows you the benefits of cannabis without the high feeling. I gave my usual cold brew a break, and opted for trying Good Day’s CBD Cold Brew Coffee instead. This was my only source of coffee for the week!

Day 1 – 3

I didn’t expect miracles, but I did expect to feel some kind of difference at the start of this. I continue consuming my usual amount of coffee two to three glasses a day. But the can is full of a rich amount that one can tend to last the rest of the day. Sorry, I’m one of those people that fill my coffee with half creamer!

The first day, I didn’t notice a huge difference, but I did notice that the afternoon slump never hit me like it usually does. I’d say that’s progress considering I’d usually take a power nap, but all three days, I kept working on through the day.

Could this be the answer for anxiety-ridden coffee lovers?!