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Hemp Clones

We strongly advise our customers to pre-order their clones. We sometimes have extra clones available at a moments notice, but most clones are cut to order and should be ready for pickup/field planting about three weeks after the order is made. Our clone availability is based on the amount of pre-orders we have, compared to the condition and stage of our mothers and; as such, is quite varied. A minimum order is one tray of 72 clones. Pick-up and delivery options are available.

We apologize for any and all lack of responses to our above “Order Now” form for the 2021 grow season. We have recently been made aware of a technical issue and it has hopefully been resolved. Thank you for your understanding.

$.25/clone preorder discount on all orders made by March 31st

Quick Kush

30:1 CBD to THC (typical)

This quick flowering variety typically flowers two-three weeks earlier than most other strains. Outdoor growers in the Atlantic Northeast can expect a late September to early October harvest. A great strain to grow in conjunction with a later flowering stain to facilitate staggered harvesting. We love this super skunky and overwhelmingly dank strain.

CBD 8 – 12% at 0.3% total THC. (typical results)

CBD 15% or higher at 0.3% ∆9 THC. (typical results)

Minimum order one tray. Each tray contains 72 clones.

Crops will display a single consistent phenotype.

Genotype and phenotype have been refined for the Atlantic Northeast climate.

This is a Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company proprietary strain and Almanac Planting Co is the sole Pennsylvania distributor of Cheyanne Mountain Seed Company Quick Kush clones.

Almanac Hemp offers five varieties of hemp clones. Choose from Quick Kush, Mountain Mango, Cherry Wine, Honolulu Haze, and Casino Cookies. Greenhouse grown in Pennsylvania.