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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CBD Can Be Found in This Brooklyn Store

It seems like you can buy CBD-based products anywhere these days, but this is the spot you want to go.

  • Written by Jeremy Glass
  • October 17, 2019

You may have heard: CBD is having a moment. In fact, it’s been having a moment for the past few years, sparking a nationwide trend that has spread to, well, seemingly everywhere.

Walk into practically any bodega, deli, or supermarket in the city and—without fail—you’ll find a dozen CBD products proudly on display. It doesn’t feel like that long ago we were told marijuana—in any form—would lead to full-on drug addiction. Fast-forward to 2019, when you can buy CBD-infused treats for your pets. What a time to be alive!

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

While there still aren’t a ton of stores in New York focused solely on CBD, there’s one in the heart of Park Slope that has made it its mission to sell only the best products to the public. It’s called Hidden Hemp NYC, a decidedly un hidden gem on Seventh Avenue that carries every CBD product you could ever conceive of existing.

The moment you walk into the place, you know Hidden Hemp is not your typical bodega. There’s nothing amateur about it, yet it’s far from the overly designed, Apple-style CBD stores you find in midtown. There’s enough edgy aesthetics, with ceiling lighting shaped like droplets and boutique bucolics, but it’s not intimidating. If anything, it’s approachable, unstuffy, and welcoming.

The moment you walk into the place, you know Hidden Hemp is not your typical bodega.

Lining the vast number of glass shelves in the small shop are dozens of products, ranging from creams and oils to edibles and prerolled CBD joints and more. As a child of the ’80s, it’s jarring to see the jars of pure CBD flowers adorning the walls, considering the stuff obviously looks and smells exactly like its THC counterpart—but it’s all legal!

Any possible question you could have about CBD can be answered by Hidden Hemp’s outrageously knowledgeable and friendly staff. Maybe they’re naturally cordial or maybe it’s the CBD. Either way, they’re all fantastic. You get a lot more than the typical “CBD helps you relax, man.” Oftentimes, you’ll get a first-person testimonial on the specific strains and brands the shop sells while aiding you in your journey to find exactly what you need to fit your particular lifestyle.

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

During one visit, an employee caught me staring down a quarter-size jar of a sticky black substance—something I learned was called Shilajit . I made a mental note to Google the stuff after I got home, but it turns out the person working there knew more than I could possibly want to know about the Himalayan gunk (affectionately and traditionally known as “the destroyer of weakness”), and even had some recommendations for when to take it.

The staff, in fact, is dedicated to educating the public on the many benefits of CBD: physical health, mental health, pain management, and more. The store even has a helpful link on its website for those interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card . (One employee remarked that it can be a ridiculous struggle to get the card, but it’s a nice gesture.)

The real hidden gem within Hidden Hemp, though, is the small back patio where customers can unwind and relax with a lit CBD joint. That’s right: If you want to smoke outside, you can do it. (Note that while it’s technically legal to smoke a CBD joint anywhere in New York, edibles are going through a couple of legal hiccups at the moment.)

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

If you are looking for an alternative to another cup of coffee or want to cut back on drinking, consider the goods at Hidden Hemp an unusual but totally pleasant alternative. You’ll never look at another vape shop the same way once you wander into this CBD candy store in Park Slope. And that’s not hyperbole—because it even offers CBD-infused sweets.

Jeremy Glass is a Brooklyn-based writer with a very funny Twitter handle. He previously wrote about the best watering hole in Windsor Terrace and the East Village’s best Ukrainian restaurant (which, spoiler, is not Veselka).

It seems like you can buy CBD-based products anywhere these days, but Hidden Hemp NYC in Park Slope is the spot you want to go.