cannazall cbd

Cannazall cbd

Written by Tyler Swell — Edited by Cathy Rozyczko on February 9, 2021

CannazALL shouts from the rooftops that they are ‘the world’s premiere CBD oil company.’ Our take? They’re definitely not top tier but certainly not bottom dwellers, either. CannazALL has solid products with ingredients we approve of, and that’s about as far as it goes with the accolades. We acknowledge they’re doing some things right, but they will have to up their game not only to rank higher with us, but to compete in a cutthroat market where others are doing so much more.

The CannazALL brand is the CBD product subsidiary created by the company HempLife Today. CannazALL was founded in 2014 on the belief that CBD oil added to a daily health regimen can boost the immune system and heal the body. In fact, they promise you will feel the difference or your money back.

CannazALL sources their hemp domestically (points for quality and the environment) and utilizes CO2 extraction. They also claim to use a proprietary Nanotech Infusion Process™ that apparently infuses terpenes and other phytochemicals back into the oil. CannazALL doesn’t go into much detail about what exactly this entails, and because they do not publish any test results whatsoever, we are unable to verify that their CBD oil has any more terpenes than usual.

CannazALL promises the best pricing on their full spectrum CBD product line. They fulfill their promise in a few ways. First, they offer four-tiered options for each product: the more you buy, the more you save. Next, they give you a credit each time you make a purchase, and they also offer a referral program.

Their line is relatively basic, but we admit they use quality ingredients and none of the dangerous stuff. Offerings include:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures with Grapeseed Oil and Peppermint Oil
  • CBD Concentrate Oral Applicators
  • CBD Gelcaps
  • CBD Vape Oil – No artificial flavors; ingredients include full spectrum CBD oil, terpene oil, and PG/VG.
  • CBD Skin Salve
  • CBD Oil Tinctures for pets in bacon, tuna, and unflavored

Bottom Line – The CannazALL brand isn’t the worst around, but they’re not the best either. We’re a bit underwhelmed but could definitely be swayed with posted test results (both potency and contaminants) and charitable involvement.

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Badges For CannazALL

Quality Verified

CannazALL products are sourced from domestic, non-GMO hemp that is CO2 extracted.

Safety Unverified

CannazALL has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Unverified

CannazALL has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Verified

CannazALL is committed to providing the highest quality CBD products on the market to help boost overall health.

Innovation Unverified

CannazALL has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

Each badge earned is worth one star or point. The best score possible is 5. Discover how these badges are earned

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Contact CannazALL

UK Phone Number: +442037461329

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Save 20% on this Top Rated CBD

Not sure which CBD brand to trust? Learn 10 reasons why CBD Living is our top choice and SAVE 20%!

CannazALL Reviews

Illinois CBD says

I cannot go a day without my my cbd capsules!

After numerous emails, continued missed deliveries, I threatened to report them to the Colorado Attorney Generals Office, that seemed to get their attention. Though they missed a promised ship date, we finally received the order nearly FIVE MONTHS later, Early May 2019 order date, delivery mid-Sept 2019. Needless to say I’ll never buy from them again.

Do not purchase anything from this company! They never shipped my product or refunded my card. They took my money, knowingly failed to ship my product and they have no explanation as to why. I lost my money and they refuse to do anything about it. Scam artists!!

Arthur hargus says

What is the best oil for me and my wife at the age of 68. Just for pain and my wife has ulcerative colitis and have heard it does well while taking cbd.

I am running of of the Hemp CBD gelcaps and just went online to order. Unable to make a payment………strange. Then I thought I would check out reviews and oh my, really negative things regarding CS and receiving the product. I really like this product, think it works better than numerous other companies I have tried and wonder what the company is going thru, poor management of a great product? Very sad. Hope they can turn it around.

Was told the exact same thing. Mine was only a $60 order of oil and cream. Luckily my bank refunded me while they research. I really liked their products. Really the best cod oil I’ve used. Not sure how a company can stay open with all this bad press. They are collecting money from purchases and no delivering orders…hmmm

This company cannot be trusted. They may or may not be able to fulfill your order. Even if they do it will be delayed repeatedly. I am still trying to get a refund for an order placed two months ago that I never received. Don’t waste your money.

I’m still waiting for my order placed May 1st as well!!

Deborah Bortot says

Hi Amy, you are not alone. I have the same problem. This is the 3rd month in a row my product has taken more than a month, this order was actually made 2 months ago. Same answer you got when I called. It’s always the same exact words.The product is beneficia, but how is it gonna do me any good if I don’t have it?

I have purchased CBD from this company since 2015 and never had any problems and liked the product. However I preferred some gelcaps on May 15, and haven’t received it yet!
Same problem as lots of other people; nobody answers the phone, nobody answers the emails.
They used to be reliable! What has happened to them?

I’m glad I found this page, b/c I wanted to find out if anyone else out there is currently experiencing the same thing, and according to many reviews I just read, I’m definitely not alone! First, I will acknowledge that I’ve been a loyal customer of HLT going on four years now. My health condition has improved significantly since I’ve been using their products and has made a noticeable difference in how I feel. I normally received my orders anywhere from 3 to 7 days; 2 weeks at the longest if they were running late. That was until the most recent order I placed in mid-April of this year. It’s now been over two months and I have not received my order. After the first 3 weeks, I contacted them and they got back with me saying they were experiencing a slight delay and that it should ship out by the end of the week. With this, I figured okay, no big deal. Then a couple more weeks go by, I contact them again and was told the same thing – that it would ship by the end of the week. Soon after I received an email (addressed to all customers) explaining about their ‘slight’ shipping delay, again saying orders should ship out w/in a week. I had considered cancelling and requesting a refund, but figured it wouldn’t be worth going through all that if I only had to wait just a few more days. Didn’t happen. Several weeks of the same thing, and it’s now been over two months. I’ve been buying cheap bottles of hemp seed extract from Amazon to tide me over, as funds are limited & my money is currently tied up in my order with HLT. Hemp seed extract oil does carry some benefits, but it’s nowhere near that of CBD, and I’ve been feeling it. I understand delays & all, and if something’s going on beyond their control I can forgive that – but I wish they’d just be straight with me, y’know? That way, at least I can make an informed decision on whether or not to cancel my order and buy CBD elsewhere for the time being.

Well I’ve ordered several times with no issues. But now… I placed an order 4-29-19….have called twice…no one has called back…I’ve emailed 3 times…first time I was told I would have it in 3 business days priority…2nd time was told 7-10 business days….3rd email….no response yet and still have not received my order. Love their products and don’t want to change but…..

DAn I joined their Ambassador program and I got my first order of 10 products (minimum order) within a week. GREAT I ordered again on April 18th. Its June 7th and no product no more contact with them. They wont return emails or phone calls. I used to to VERY happy with them. Now NOT SO MUCH. The FTC has been notified. Glad youve always had good service. You my friend are a Unicorn

Lie after Lie for 45 days, Findley had my bank get my money back.

I understand the frustration, but shipping isn’t rocket science, hundreds of thousand of companies, large and small, ship their products every day. The USPS & UPS make it pretty simple. There’s no excuse for not answering customers either, that’s very bad form and like the reviewer here said, there are a lot of players in this game and you have to stand out to stay in business. We are currently waiting a month now to get our order, no one is returning our calls, emails & voicemails.

My son placed an order with them a month ago, he got an email saying a shipping label had been printed, he has yet to receive the order $90 worth. He’s called, no answer, left voicemails and emails with not a peep from them. I purchased from them 2 times before and it took about 3 weeks to receive tge order, pretty astonishing in this day and age, non-existent Customer Service. I don’t know if he’s ever going to get what he ordered.

Gary Stephens says

Placed order May 1 still waiting for order to arrive. They don’t answer the phone. Only response is email that my order will be shipped. Still no delivery.

Lindsay Orr says

I ordered from hemp life today last day in April. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PRODUCT, 23 DAYS LATER! I do not recommend this company. They received payment the following day, and I have yet to receive my products! I have called four times and emailed three to four times. I keep getting told the same story.

worst company – take your money – promise to ship but never do – nuff said

Lindsay Orr says

I ordered their product 15 days ago because the reviews were good, and I have not received my product. The payment was removed on May 1st. I have emailed four times and twice been told it will ship in 48 hours with nothing shipped, I called yesterday four times because I was forced to leave callback info; after so long the option to speak to someone was removed.

I ordered 2 bottles of CBD oil online. The next day, I received an email with a tracking number. From every other online company I have ordered anything from, that means that the order has shipped or is going to ship that day. Eight days later, the product had not shipped. I emailed to cancel the order and received one back that they had canceled the order and would refund my credit card within 3-5 business days. They did not apologize or offer any kind of explanation for the delay in shipping. It has now been 3 weeks and I have not received my refund. I have called them 3 times today, and been on hold forever and disconnected from them before anyone ever answers. I guess, like someone above, I will have to get a refund from my credit card company. This place has some of the worst customer service ever.

David Harrington says

I placed my order on April 13 and it is now May 11 and my order has not shipped. I have emailed twice and was told it should be that following Friday. I’ll give it another week and I will be requesting the charge to my card be reversed. I hope it doesn’t come to that because I really want to try their product. If it works for me, I will just have to order a month out from when I need more to allow time. They really need to update their website with more realistic shipping time and be more proactive in letting customers know the status of their order. To their credit, they have been responsive the two times I’ve sent emails asking about my order. I will post an update when I receive my product as well as a review of how it works for me.

Tim Dantin says

I place and order on April 6 2019. Never receive it…emails were sent multiple times saying it will be shipped never did ship my order…I asked for a refund that has never happened …used and like the products….

I made an order over a week ago and I still haven’t received an order confirmation or tracking number. Starting to wonder if this is a scam and if I’ll ever get what I paid for because the money has been taken from my account. I’ve tried calling customer service multiple times and I can’t get a representative on the phone. Shipping time and customer service is sub par compared to every other vendor I’ve used.

I have been using the CannazAll Tincture and Gel Caps for 5 months now and I LOVE IT!! My sleep quality has improved. My bowel movements have become consistent…I could go ON and ON!!

I ordered the Gel Caps from Hemp life today and received them in 3 days. Then I ordered again some of the cream stuff and more gelcaps. Again, 3 days. They must have been overloaded last year with orders, especially after that Forbes article named Hemplife Today in the top 5 CBD companies. I’m glad they’ve got it together now because CannazAll works for my nerve problems.

I call BS! I have been using their products for over a year, and this has never happened. I order regularly and there have been some small delays, but they have always stood by their products and refunds. I have called them on occasion with questions, and they have always answered.

Think you definitely should! Best product of the 10 tried so far for pain management.

Jim, I also have peripheral neuropathy in both feet and ankles. It is not from diabetes, but idiopathic or unexplained causes (actually believe I got it from taking gabapentin for in excess of five years).

Bottom line is I am off the RX, tried nine types of CBD oil before this one and CannazALL is far superior for neuropathy! For me, it works in about 15 minutes and knocks out the pain for 6 hours (second dose should be taken after 5.5).

They did have delivery backlogs in 2018 due to a drought, or other natural causes, but do not expect that to happen again.

Has anyone had success with fibromyalgia or migraines for my friends?

James Buford says

In my research, it is supposed to help with diabetes and pain. I would suggest increasing you dose over a period of time. Do so until you feel a difference, and then hold there. You cannot overdose from what I’ve read.

James Buford says

I have researched Fibromyalgia because my father has it. The best thing to do is increase your dose over time until you notice a difference. You cannot overdose on it, so don’t be afraid. My dad has been taking 6 droppers a day. I have just bought him the 800 mg concentration which I send him tomorrow.

James Buford says

I have been using CannazAll for three weeks. It has made a difference in my life for certain. I sleep well at night now. I wake up refreshed. I do not have as much pain in my back. I have not had any issues with customer service. They do say it may take more than 3 days to receive, but it has never taken me more than about a week to receive. I would certainly recommend it. I have my mom and dad on it now also. Dad is disabled, and it has helped him with his mobility. Mom is terminal, and she has seen a return of her energy. I certainly recommend it.

This CannazALL or HempLife Today Review exposes the truth behind this CBD oil product. Not all companies are trustworthy, find out why.